Top 15 memes of Elon Musk and You Will Just Love It

Top 15 memes of Elon musk:

1) Elon musk launched a sport car in space and nothing can do like this. He tell this by commenting on a post of bill gates who was saying that he is the richest person on the world.

It is a reality also. Nothing can do like this. In the history of man and science no one is present who had launched a car on space only Elon musk did that. So he realize it in this post.

2) Elon musk is one from those few celebrities who commentate over memes and earn the respect of the meme community. That is reality nothing can denied it.

3) A news fly that Elon musk will buy instagram To save memes from zuck. We do not know that is this news real or fake but if it is real it will be amazing in future.

4) Elon musk want that he should build and an underground tunnel into mars that means Elon musk want to live on Mars and he like mars and space. So he opened his company by the name of space-x and launched a successful cheap rocket who was sold in 1.7 billion dollar.

And he also launched a car in space which shows his love with space that is the reason he mentioned this in many shows where he was called as a guest.

5) Elon musk said that he love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning. Enol musk said that because when his wife left him he was helpless and all investors in his company left him, he had a last chance to be a rich.


He invested all his money in making a cheap rocket and that was his last chance and that rocket was a successful and he became a billioner. It mean he was become a billioner due to a rocket. So, he said that he love the smell of fuel of rocket.

6) Elon musk hires meme maker as Tesla’s social media manager:

7) Elon musk and pewdiepie troll the media over over meme Reaction outage:


8) Elon musk posted on Twitter “buy my cars I will shoot you to space from earth” after that Tesla’s stock level risen to 300%:

It shows the love and trust of people with enol musk that when he posted “buy my cars I will shoot the earth into space” Tesla’s stock level risen to 300% that is amazing and not done in history and not enol musk only claimed that he proved it and made a car that was launched in space.

9) Elon musk revealed as the one of the largest donor for a house republication pack:

10) Elon musk posted on Twitter that if his post will get 5000 likes then he will buy thrones game and his post got 19000 plus likes.
This picture is showing that people like enol musk and they believe that he will do a brilliant work and will made more amazing then that is working that is reason his post got 19000 plus likes.

11) I don’t know why but Elon musk deleted his page of Tesla and space-x from Facebook.

This is a special thing that why he did that? What is logic or elon musk’s creativity behind it no one know about it except him and God but I think it is amazing and had not done in history.

12) Elon musk at day time :

At night time :

13) Elon musk said that he want to be so rich his hairline restores itself out of pure.

14) Elon musk demanding his meme:

15) Nothing is impossible for Elon musk:

Elon musk think that nothing is impossible every thing is possible if we work hard for it.



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