Sham Idrees with Wife Froggy and New Born Baby Girl

A very famous Canadian-Muslim blogger, Sham Idress, has been running a YouTube channel for a long time now. He got married to her video partner, Froggy (real name, Sehar) in November 2018. The cute surprising proposal, stunning wedding, and happily married life they are having. 

Sehar and Sham took their Instagram to share the good news of becoming parents with their fans and followers. On March 4th, the couple got blessed with an adorable daughter. They named her Sierra Idress and made her own Instagram page. 

Sham and Sehar shared pictures of her on their accounts but never revealed her face. The couple has finally decided to share her revealing face photos on social media. Froggy and Sham shared pictures with cute Sierra separately on Instagram, and we can’t take our eyes off her. 

She has her father’s strikingly colored eyes. Here the first look of Sierra Idress. Have a look! 

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