Ertugrul Actress And Neelum Muneer Exchange Love

The fame of Turkish drama series Dirilis Ertugrul took the internet by the storm and some people started raising their voice for neglecting local content and artists.

Actress Neelum Muneer jumped in and gave her opinion on this matter. She said:

“Even though I respect views of everyone in my fraternity but I feel it’s not the matter of Turkish content or Pakistani content. We should look beyond and understand that its Islamic content, which has so much wisdom and teaches us the history and the values of Muslims. They gave their lives for justice and remained on Allah’s path. And they kept Islam alive. It’s like reading a book which is full of great history of Muslims. Let’s just feel proud of our islamic heritage and get motivated and also create content in Pakistan which we should also be proud of. Allah Kareem.”

Under this post, sweet exchange of the love between Neelum Muneer and Turkish actress Gyulism who appeared in the role of Aslihan Khatun, the chief of one of the Turk tribes and wife of Turgut Alp in the third and fourth season of popular series Dirilis Ertugrul.

She thanked Neelum Muneer under her post about drama series Dirilis Ertgrul for all the love and appreciation and Neelum Muneer replied her in the sweetest manner.

Here is sweet exchange of love between Pakistan and Turkey:


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