Imran Ashraf and Hajra Yamin Pictures from Jeeto Pakistan League

Jeeto Pakistan is getting popular with each passing day. Many people show love and encourage the show to entertain the audience and viewers, but there are many who criticize the show. They believe that Fahad Mustafa is just wasting his time and image he created with his tremendous acting skills. 

Well, Jeeto Pakistan is the top trending game show on the television screens. This Ramzan, due to coronavirus everything has been locked down. Everyone is requested to stay in isolation and maintain social distance to protect themselves and their loved ones safe from the deadly disease. Therefore, there is no audience on the set of Jeeto Pakistan. 

On the Jeeto Pakistan League Ramzan Special, there are five different teams with specific captains. Different Pakistani celebrities are invited on the set of the game show to support their respective teams and encourage their team players to play well in the game and win. 

Yesterday, Hajra Yamin and Imran Ashraf appeared on the set of Jeeto Pakistan. Both looked stunningly beautiful and decent as always. Here are some of the latest pictures of Hajra and Imran from the game show, Jeeto Pakistan League Ramzan Special. Have a look! 

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