Sanam Jung Shares Her Diet and Weight Loss Journey

Actress Sanam Jung has started her YouTube channel where she shares her lifestyle with fans and followers.

In her recent video, she shared how she lost weight after her baby. In three weeks, she has lost three kgs.

Here is Sanam Jung’s diet routine:

My doctor Areej who is a nutritionist and she does weight control management gave me this routine.

Daily before sehri i take: 1 glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon basil seeds 15 minutes before meal For Late night munching i take: 20-23 mixed nuts or Apple or Low fat yogurt upto half a cup or Low calorie high fiber cracker biscuits.

Day 1 Sehri Coffee /tea using low fat milk without sugar 1 slice bran bread 1 whole boiled egg 2 tablespoons low fat yogurt Iftar 1 date 1 glass sugar free lemonade with 1 teaspoon basil seeds 2 apples Dinner 2 to 3 kebabs, spinach no fixed amount (cooked in 1 spoon of oil use only salt pepper and tomato)

Day 2 Sehri 2 eggs boiled one whole one white Tea/coffee without sugar 2 spoons low fat yogurt Iftar 1 date 1 apple smoothie made with 1 spoon yogurt n half a glass of low fat milk 2 slices of bran bread with peanut butter Dinner Clear soup/yakhni 1 bowl Green salad (cucumber iceberg lettuce cabbage n olives with lemon juice) 1 to 2 fillet of grilled chicken (upto 200gm)

Day 3. Sehri 2 eggs whites boiled Tea/ coffee without sugar 1 slice bran bread Slice of low fat cheese Iftar 1 Date 1 glass sugar free lemonade with basil seeds 1 bowl melon Dinner chicken steak with tomato cucumber raita in low fat yogurt upto half a cup

Day 4. Sehri 2 slices bran bread with peanut butter 1 boiled egg white Tea/coffee without sugar Iftar 1 Date 1 glass apple juice 1 cup bean/ chickpeas chaat(add tomato chillies coriander lenon juice salt pepper) Dinner 1 to 2 boiled eggs Clear soup 1 bowl 1 apple

Day 5. Sehri 1 slice bran bread with cottage cheese 1 whole egg omelette without oil Tea/ coffee without sugar Iftar 1 date 1 glass watermelon juice 2 boiled egg whites Dinner Grilles fish with capsicum and tomato upto 2-3 fillets 1 apple

Day 6. Sehri 2 egg whites omelette (use tomato green chillies spring onion)without oil Tea/coffee without sugar 2 tablespoons low fat yogurt Iftar 1 date Apple cucumber blend with lemon juice 1 bowl bean/chickpeas chaat Dinner 2 eggs (1 whole 1 white) 1 bowl less oil qeema (spices to taste) 1 cup iceberg.

Sanam Jung further shared about her whole journey and said, “But there was a point when I was exhausted and I couldn’t do it more. So I started eating a bit more than I usually ate sometimes I took watermelon juice and apple juice as well. Due to this, my weight loss process has been slowed down. The point is weight loss must keep ongoing. Last time I remember I was 66.1 kgs and this time I am 64.9 kgs. In one week, I lost one kg and it’s pretty healthy.”

“According to my BMI, height, weight, this diet plan is specifically made for me so please don’t follow it. By making this video, I want to inform that you must get motivated and do what suits you,” she added.

Talking about the importance of exercise, she said, “Exercise is very important and its going side by side. It’s not just to lose weight but it makes you feel good. I will say don’t leave exercise. Go for a walk, cycling, jogging, do anything that you like.”

She answered questions from her followers and said, “Yes, after the baby I was in pressure to lose weight and how I managed it I will discuss later in my next videos.”

Here is Sanam Jung’s video about weight loss:

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