Shahid Afridi Daughter Asmara Afridi Birthday Pictures

Daughters are the biggest blessing by Allah Almighty. They take care of their loved ones more than they care about themselves. Their families are their first priorities and no one can stop them from fulfilling their duties. 

Daughters make the house full of laughter and joy. From laughing loudly to chit-chatting all the time, they make each passing day more memorable. Lucky are those who are blessed with daughters. Shahid Afridi feels the luckiest person on earth because he is blessed with six adorable girls. 

Shahid Afridi tries to be the biggest support system for his family. He encourages her daughters to dream big and achieve life’s goals. He often posts pictures of her daughters on social media to show how happy and satisfied he is to be a father of six talented girls. 

His daughter, Asmara just turned 8 today so the family had a little quarantine birthday celebration. They ordered a colorful birthday cake and decorated the room with balloons to surprise Asmara. Here are some of the beautiful pictures of Asmara Afridi celebrating her birthday in isolation with her family. Have a look! 

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