Syed Jibran and Afifa Jibran Daughter Birthday Pictures

Syed Jibran is one of the few actors of Pakistan entertainment industry who always manages his work schedule to spend quality time with his family. From going on vacations to having luxurious dinners, Syed Jibran and his family are living a happy life. 

Syed Jibran and Afifa Jibran prioritize their kids. They take them for swimming to play outdoor and indoor games with them, Jibran and Afifa are setting a very good example of parents for their fans. He even shares family pictures on social media to keep his fans and followers updated about his personal life. 

Recently, Jibran’s daughter Eva Jibran had her birthday today. Her parents arranged a pink theme birthday party and invited the close family members to make her daughter’s birthday even more special. Afifa, Eva wore a pink dress according to the theme. Jibran and his family are giving major family goals. 

Here are some of the birthday pictures of Eva Jibran. Scroll down to have a look! 

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