Rabia Anum Speaks On Uzma Khan’s Controversy

Anchorperson Rabia Anum has shared her stance on Uzma, Usman and Amna’s controversy and she talked about who is wrong in this whole scenario.

In her video, she talked about how Amna did wrong with Uzma by breaking into her house and then beating her.

Rabia  Anum said, “When a woman’s house is getting destroyed only she knows how painful it is. My question is if you have to break into someone’s house with your guards and harass them to save your marriage then there is no point in saving such marriage.”

She further added, “Marriage is an agreement between husband and wife, it’s a promise to spend your life with each other with loyalty. This agreement was between you and your husband then why is that girl being beaten? She didn’t have any agreement with you or your husband.”

Rabia Anum blamed Amna and criticized her and said, “Morally and socially she (Uzma) did wrong but legally you can’t say anything to her. This is why blame is on Amna. If we are talking about legal things, then what you did is socially, morally and legally wrong.”

Check out this clip of Rabia Anum:

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