Sahir Lodhi’s Favorite Color is Black –  Beautiful Compilation

Back in the early 2000s’, there was an emerging craze of Radio Channels where, just like the TV channels, the audience got to enjoy new frequencies to listen the whole night. If you can relate to it, you would surely have given a try to Sahir Lodhi’s show on FM 103 which is very much alive by now. There a whole lot of people who love Sahir Lodhi and follow him holistically.  So here comes a treat for them – Yes, a dedicated post on Sahir Lodhi along with his pictures in Black since it is his favorite color.


Sahir Lodhi is a Pakistani Anchor and Radio Host who was born in Karachi. He is also known as the brother of Shaista Lodhi who is also affiliated with the media industry. Other than Shaista, Sahir has two brothers as well. Sahir Lodhi is often trolled for his similarities with the Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan but the trolls have never succeeded in bringing him down.

Sahir started his career from Indus Vision and was soon known for his productions and acting as main leads in PTV dramas. Sahir has recently made his debut in the film industry with his movie Rasta.

Here are some great pictures of Sahir in the Black color that he has shared with his fans and followers from time to time. Have a look


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